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In order to continue to provide lectures and courses to our members and friends we have launched TVAES Online, a series of events delivered online via zoom.  These have proven extremely popular and book up fast, for the latest events and availability please click here.

To receive the latest news including new online events members and non-members interested in attending Egyptology events who live in the Thames Valley and surrounds may subscribe to our emailing list at Subscribe and we are on Facebook.and Twitter.

In line with UK government advice TVAES regrets that the remaining face-to-face lecture in Woodley for the 2019-20 academic year scheduled for June 2020 is cancelled.  We are currently working on the lecture programme for 2020-21 and at this point we expect to resume meetings on Saturday 12th September 2020.  We may reinstate a summer 2020 event if the situation permits but that is looking increasingly unlikely, but in the meantime we hope you enjoy our online provision.

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Lectures - online

Theban tombs and their reuse in the first millennium BCE - an online lecture
Saturday July 11th, 11.00 am to 12.30 pm click for details

Courses - online

Hatshepsut course thumbnailThe Female Pharaoh : Hatshepsut and her buildings - A five week continuation course started on Thursday 3rd June 2020
Course summary: Hatshepsut has long attracted interest and fascination as a rare example of a female pharaoh in dynastic Egypt.  This course will explore the reign of Hatshepsut with an emphasis on her art and extensive building programme as we look for clues that allow us to understand what was different about the years of her regency and co-regency with Thutmose III in comparison to her predecessors and successors.  Click for details


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Mummy of ancient Egyptian teenager, buried in fine jewelry, discovered in Luxor
Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered the ancient mummy of a teenage girl decked out in beautiful jewelry, including beaded necklaces and copper earrings, according to the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. 

Ancient Egyptian Funeral Home Reveals Embalmers Had a Knack for Business
Known for their iconic pharaohs, pyramids and elaborate burial rituals, the ancient Egyptians were notoriously assiduous about the afterlife. It's perhaps unsurprising

Mummies discovered in burial shaft in EgyptDetails of the discovery are on the ministry's Facebook page shared via a video.

Woman seeks man in ancient Egyptian 'erotic binding spell' - Scholars ar translating an 1,800-year-old Egyptian papyrus describe the spell where a woman named Taromeway tried to attract a man named Kephalas. The papyrus shows Anubis shooting an arrow into Kephalas and is  intended to inflame Kephalas' lust for Taromeway......