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Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society Programme

Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society (TVAES) was founded in 1994 to meet the increasing local demands of a growing interest in Ancient Egypt. The aims of the Society are to promote the study and public dissemination of the culture, religion, art, language, life and death in ancient Egypt.

Members and non-members are warmly welcomed to our talks, study days and classes, which cover all aspects of ancient Egypt.

Our next events are below or click here to download the TVAES 2018-2019 programme:-

Saturday July 7th 2018, 10.30am-4.30pm Fund raising study day (£30)
Exploring Ancient Nekhen – Hierakonpolis uncovered with the latest news and discoveries from the site
By Dr Renee Friedman, Dr Liam McNamara and Vivian Davies
Venue: Oakwood Centre

Saturday 8th September 2018 2.00 pmHilary WilsonTVAES
Gifts of the Nile: water plants in Egyptian culture
By  Hilary Wilson Abstract & Biography
Venue: Oakwood Centre

Dr Helen Strudwick.Saturday 13th October 2018 2.00 pm
Philip Wickens memorial lecture. AGM at 1pm
New light on the coffins of Nespawershefyt

By Dr Helen Strudwick Abstract & Biography

Venue: Oakwood Centre

Dr Alex Loktionov.jpgSaturday 18th November 2018 2.00 pm
To hear, or to divide words? The changing face of Egyptian justice, 2700-1700BCE
By Dr Alex Loktionov Abstract & Biography

Venue: Oakwood Centre

Profrssor Alan Lloyd TVAESSaturday 8th December 2018 2.00 pm
The First Egyptologists

By Professor Alan Lloyd Abstract & Biography

Venue: Coronation Hall

Dr Ben PenningtonSaturday 12th January 2019 2.00 pm
The emergence of the Egyptian State - links with the landscape evolution of the Nile Delta

By Dr Ben Pennington Abstract & Biography

Venue: Oakwood Centre

Dr Anna Garnett TVAESSaturday 9th February 2019 2.00 pm
Flinders Petrie at Amarna and Amarna at the Petrie Museum
By Dr Anna Garnett Abstract & Biography

Venue: Coronation Hall

Dr Nicky Neilsen TVAESSaturday 9th March 2019 2.00 pm
Tell Nabasha: Investigating the City of the Snake Goddess
By Dr Nicky Nielsen Abstract & Biography

Venue: Coronation Hall

Lucia GahlinSaturday 13th April 2019 2.00 pm
Birth and Rebirth: Death as a Rite of Passage in Ancient Egypt

By Lucia Gahlin Abstract & Biography

Venue: Coronation Hall

George HartTVAES' 25th anniversary lecture
Saturday 11th May 2019 2.00 pm

Pharaohs & Governors of Middle Kingdom Egypt
By George Hart Abstract & Biography

Venue: Oakwood Centre

Dylan BickerstaffeSaturday 1nd June 2019 2.00 pm
For Whom the Sun Doth Shine: Nefertari Beloved of Mut
By Dylan Bickerstaffe Abstract & Biography

Venue: Oakwood Centre





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An archaeological Mission from Cairo University working in Saqqara has uncovered the sprawling tomb of the Great Army General in the period of King Ramsses II Dr. Ola El-Aguizy explains that  the discovery was carried out in the last excavation season 2017/2018,

Earliest Version of Our Alphabet Possibly Discovered in Egypt The earliest example of our alphabet — a possible mnemonic phrase that helped someone remember "ABCD" — has been discovered on a 3,400-year-old inscribed piece of limestone

Egypt awaiting return of 118 ancient artefacts seized in Italy A Cairo official says he expects 118 ancient Egyptian artefacts, which were among thousands belonging to other civilisations found by Italian police over two months ago, to be returned to Egyp

Agatha Christie: World's first historical whodunnit was inspired by 4,000-year-old letters When the ancient Egyptian priest and landowner Heqanakhte wrote a series of rather acerbic letters to his extended family during the 12th Dynasty he could not have known that he was creating a framework for Agatha Christie some 4,000 years later