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2019-2020 TVAES Talks and Study Day programme

Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society (TVAES) was founded in 1994 to meet the increasing local demands of a growing interest in Ancient Egypt. The aims of the Society are to promote the study and public dissemination of the culture, religion, art, language, life and death in ancient Egypt.

Members and non-members are warmly welcomed to our talks, study days and classes, which cover all aspects of ancient Egypt.

Our next events are below or click here to download the TVAES 2019-2020 programme:-

Saturday February 8th 2020 2.00 pm
Lecture: The Reception of Ancient Egypt in Victorian Britain: Museums, Exhibitions, Art and Design
By Professor Stephanie Moser Abstract & Biography
Venue: Oakwood Centre

Saturday March 14th 2020 2.00 pm
Lecture: Latest Research in the EES Archive
By Dr Stephanie Boonstra Abstract & Biography
Venue: Coronation Hall

Saturday April 4th 2020 2.00 pm
Lecture: Ancient visitors at the pyramids
By Dr Hana Navratilova Abstract & Biography
Venue: Oakwood Centre

Saturday May 9th 2020 2.00 pm
Lecture: Late Libyan Period Egypt: Libyan rulers before, during, and after
the Kushite 25th Dynasty

By Dr Troy Sagrillo Abstract & Biography
Venue: Oakwood Centre

Saturday June 6th 2020 2.00 pm
Lecture: The Middle Kingdom Border with Kush: Past, Present and Future
By Dr Christian Knoblauch Abstract & Biography
Venue: Oakwood Centre




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Egypt amazes the world with 2019 archaeological discoveries CAIRO – 30 December 2019: Over the last two years, a large number of new discoveries in Egypt have grabbed the world's attention.

Ancient Egyptian mummy tattoos come to light. Archaeologist Anne Austin discovered the ink on mummified women. She used infrared (IN-frah-red) light. It can reveal things that the naked eye can't see. "It's quite magical to be working in an ancient tomb and suddenly see tattoos on a mummified person," Austin said. She works at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. This technique, she notes, is transforming what's known about tattooing in ancient Egypt......

Egyptians were skilled musicians. ANCIENT Egypt was home to many prolific instrumentalists who mastered the art of music about 5,000 years ago, an archaeologist has announced.Egypt: Archaeologists 'terrified' by pyramid discovery says expert. The songs and music of Ancient Egypt may have been forever lost to time. But archaeologists have uncovered evidence to suggest skilled musicians were present around the rise of the Pharaohs in 3,100 BC.......