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In order to continue to provide lectures and courses to our members and friends we have launched TVAES Online, a series of events delivered online via zoom.  These have proven extremely popular and book up fast, for the latest events and availability please click here.

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TVAES lectures are currently all online via zoom.  The executive committee will consider in our summer meeting when we can resume at least some face-to-face provision and this decision will be emailed to members.


Abu Simbel

My Violent King: Royal Violence in Non-Royal Sources - An online ZOOM lecture
By: Dr Niv Allon, Associate Curator in the Department of Egyptian Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Saturday 13th November at 3pm
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tomb of Intef, Great General of the Army, at LishA newly found tomb of Intef, Great General of the Army, at Lish - An online ZOOM lecture
By: Dr. Gregory Mumford (Dept. of Anthropology, UAB) 
Date: Saturday 27th November at 2pm
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Virtual tours of five Egyptian historic sites

3300-year-old baboon skull may tell of Punt
The Land of Punt—or “God’s land” as the Egyptians occasionally dubbed it—served as the setting for what has been described as the oldest known fantasy story.

The ancient Egyptian Teenage Mummy Buried With Trove of Ornate Jewelry

Egyptian and Spanish archaeologists unearthed the mummy while conducting excavations ahead of construction at the Draa Abul Naga necropolis on Luxor’s West Bank. The girl’s remains date from the 17th dynasty.