Thames Valley ancient Egypt Society (TVAES) was founded in 1994 to meet the increasing local demands of a growing interest in Ancient Egypt. The aims of the Society are to promote the study and public dissemination of the culture, religion, art, language, life and death in ancient Egypt.

Members and non-members are warmly welcomed to our talks, study days and classes, which cover all aspects of ancient Egypt.

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  Saturday Jun 3rd 2017
2.00 pm
Oakwood Centre Revealing the Splendours of Ancient Egypt: David Roberts – Artist Extraordinary
By Clive Barham Carter

Abstract & Biography
Clive Barham Carter
  Saturday 8th July 2.00pm Coronation Hall University of Memphis excavations in the tomb of Panehsy at Thebes
by Dr Suzanne Onstine, Associate Professor

Abstract & Biography
Suzanne Onstine, Associate Professor of History, University of Memphis in Memphis at TVAES

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