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Online Zoom course: Ancient Egypt : The Pyramid Age #7

The Pyramid AgeBooking: Click here

This class continues from #6 although new members are very welcome and can easily start with this course.  We will be exploring the later part of the fifth dynasty from Niuserre onwards with material that will include private tomb reliefs with the case study of Niankhamun and Khnumhotep, the first (and brief) example of didactic literature and a review of evidence for the successors of Niuserre as we approach the end of the dynasty.

Tutor : John Billman

Dates / Time :  Wednesday April 6th to May 4th (5 weeks) 2-4pm on Zoom

Costs: £49 members, £55 visitors

Biography of John Billman

John Billman John Billman is Chairman of the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society and the South Asasif Conservation Trust. John has an MA in Egyptian Archaeology from UCL and has been teaching continuing education classes for over a decade with organizations including the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education, the WEA and TVAES. John combines teaching with fieldwork in Egypt, his interests in the subject are wide-ranging but include material culture, archaism, the Kushite period and state formation.