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Directions to the Allen Laboratory

Directions to the Allen Laboratory
University of Reading,

Please note that meetings are held on the Ground Floor with disabled access, but due to circumstances beyond the society's control the available toilets can only be accessed via a flight of stairs.

See University of Reading maps for an overview of the Whiteknights campus.
The Allen Laboratory is building 48.

Click here for bus routes

Map of Allen Laboratory on White Knights Campus

From car park (P8) walk between Archaeology (74) and Geoscience (5).
Go to the right for the Allen Laboratory (48)
See blue line on the map below.

Please note: entry to the Allen Laboratory building is by security key. Once the lecture has started access to the building is only possible if you can attract the attention of one of the attendees inside.

Please try not to be late to this venue as doors have to be locked.

TVAES Allen Labs Map
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Bus Routes

There have been some changes to bus routes in Reading. Click here for all Reading route bus maps.

Route 9: this still goes via Shinfield Road. For those walking from the Shinfield Road entrance, landmarks are Buildings 26 and 2: the Palmer Building and Library respectively. Click for map.

Route 20: the bus stops near the Whiteknights House (Building 27) and also close to the Pepper Lane entrance to the campus, which is the nearest entrance to the Allen Laboratory (Building 48 on the map) where the meetings are held. Click for map.

Route 21: the bus stop is close to the Pepper Lane entrance. Click for map.

The 20 and 21 depart from bus stop SJ just outside Reading railway station and run alternately every 10 minutes to the University and on the return journey into Reading. The 9 departs from bus stop SK and runs every 15mins on both outward and inward journeys.