Reconstructing the Early Second Millennium BCE Using Scarab Amulets





Saturday 10 September 2016
2.00 pm
Venue Oakwood Centre



Public Lecture:
By Stephanie Boonstra

Egypt's history has often been written using grand narratives, royal monuments and objects of the elite. However, small and unassuming artefacts, such as scarab amulets, can be used to illuminate muddled periods, particularly the Second Intermediate Period. By using the minute details of the miniature amulets, trade routes, production zones and cultural influences can be reconstructed and used create another dimension to the history of ancient Egypt.

Stephanie Boonstra is a PhD student and the Post Graduate Curator of the Eton Myers Collection of Egyptian Artefacts housed at the University of Birmingham. She previously researched Second Intermediate Period scarabs for her MA dissertation and is now focussed on creating a typology for early 18th Dynasty scarab amulets to answer questions regarding production zones, trade routes and cultural interaction.


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