Saqqara's abandoned Tombs beside the Unis Pyramid Causeway: The burials of a Master-Butcher and a Hairdresser of the Palace

The Philip Wickens' memorial lecture



Saturday 18 February 2017
2.00 pm
Venue Oakwood Centre



Public Lecture:
By Dr Yvonne Harper

Shortly after the accession of King Unis in late Dynasty V the construction of his funerary monument began in earnest, including the building of a passage-like causeway connecting his valley temple in the east to his mortuary temple high up on the Saqqara Necropolis, 660 metres to the west. This royal project took precedence over the building plans of any of the King's subjects in the same area and, as a result, an unknown number of privately owned tombs in various stages of completion were abandoned or destroyed simply to make way for the Unis Causeway. The present lecture begins with an overview of the abandoned tombs to the south of the causeway near its last sharp bend toward the pyramid, then focuses upon the two westernmost tombs which, in their published form as Egypt in Miniature Volumes VI and VII, represent the end of years of fieldwork undertaken by the Oxford Expedition to Egypt in this section of the Necropolis..

Yvonne Harpur:  Research Fellow, Linacre College, Oxford University; Field Director, Linacre College Oxford Expedition to Egypt; Honorary Senior Research Associate of the Griffith Institute, Oxford University; author and co-author of academic books published on behalf of the College and Expedition.


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