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Gifts of the Nile: water plants in Egyptian culture

Gifts of the Nile: water plants in Egyptian culture


Saturday 8 September 2018
2.00 pm
Venue Oakwood Centre

Public Lecture:
By Hilary Wilson


Hilary WilsonThe banks of the Nile and the shallow waters of Egypt's many canals and irrigation channels provided a wealth of plant resources from the common reeds, rushes and sedges, including papyrus, to flowering plants like water lilies and irises. The ancient Egyptians put these plants to a multitude of uses, for instance in building, furniture and clothing, as well as assigning symbolic value to many of them. This talk explores the importance of water plants in the everyday life and beliefs of ancient times and their continuing significance to the country's environment and ecology.


After 30 years teaching Egyptology with the University of Southampton, Archaeology and History of Maths with the Open University and A-level Mathematics at Itchen Sixth Form College, Hilary Wilson is now a free-lance lecturer and author. Hilary has published several books on ancient Egyptian topics while also writing Egyptian-themed fiction as Hilary Cawston, and since 2011 she has contributed the Per Mesut pages, 'for younger readers', to Ancient Egypt Magazine. Hilary is founder Chairman of the Southampton Ancient Egypt Society.

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