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Lecture: Move over Osiris here comes Serapis


Saturday November 9th 2019 2.00 pm
Philip Wickens Memorial Lecture!
By Paul Whelan
Venue: Oakwood Centre


Paul Whelan

The talk will look at the introduction of Serapis at Abydos and how the cultic life there, for so long focused on Osiris, changed as a result. It's a fairly under-explored period in the history of Abydos, but has some quite interesting and unusual aspects that people maybe unaware of.


Paul studied Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern History at UCL and Egyptian Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology. He has taught as a sessional lecturer for both the University of Reading

and the University of Oxford. His main area of research is concerned with aspects of the funerary culture of Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period Egypt. In addition to writing and teaching, Paul is a freelance illustrator whose work has appeared in various books and articles. In the past he has led a number study tours to Egypt for the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society.

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