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Lecture: The Middle Kingdom Border with Kush: Past, Present and Future

Saturday June 6th 2020 2.00 pm
By Dr Christian Knoblauch
Venue: Oakwood Centre


Dr christian.knoblauch

The paper will describe the context and latest results of current archaeological work at the Middle Kingdom border with Kush by the Uronarti Regional Archaeological Project. The focus of this work is the Mnnw fortress built by Senwosret III on the island of Uronarti in the late 12th Dynasty. The paper will demonstrate how new work by the Swansea-Brown team is changing our perception of the Egyptian presence and colonial relations in this desolate and remote border region.


Christian is Lecturer in Egyptian Material Culture at Swansea University. He specialises in the archaeology of Third and Second Millennium BCE Egypt and Nubia and conducts field work at the Middle Kingdom fortress on Uronarti in the Sudan. He arrived at Swansea via Sydney, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne and Vienna.

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