Giza rock-cut tombs: a history of research and new perspectives - An online lecture

By : Dr Maksim A. Lebedev
Date : Saturday May 9th - 1.45pm for a 2pm start
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Private Burials in Pharaonic EgyptThe Giza necropolis has a prolonged history and preserved almost all types of ancient burial monuments known today from Egypt. One of the most distinctive is the rock-cut tomb that became an alternative to mastabas more common for the Memphite region. Giza rock-cut tombs are intricately connected with the history of Egyptology and remain very puzzling for modern archaeologists. From early excavations to most recent discoveries rock-cut tombs of the Giza plateau continue providing insights into the lives of ancient Egyptians as well as new questions.

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John BillmanDr Maksim A. Lebedev is a senior researcher in the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences who has worked since 2008 in Egypt and Sudan as an epigrapher and archaeologist..