Life in the necropolis. The joint Dutch-Italian archaeological expedition at Saqqara - An online lecture

Life in the necropolisBy : Dr Paolo Del Vesco
Date : Saturday May 23rd - 1.45pm for a 2pm start
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After 40 years of exploration of the New Kingdom cemetery located to the south of Unas' pyramid, by a Dutch-British, later only Dutch, expedition a new collaboration was started in 2015 between the Leiden national museum of antiquities and the Turin Egyptian museum. The new joint project is focussing on the areas between the major tombs of the New Kingdom élite officials, with the aim of reconstructing the ancient and modern life of this sector of the Saqqara necropolis: building, use and re-use of tombs, cultic practices, use of external spaces, change of function, plundering activities, 19th and 20th century exploration, conservation, tourism development, etc.

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Professor KormyshevaPaolo Del Vesco is an Egyptologist that works, since 2014, as curator and archaeologist at the Egyptian museum of Turin (Italy) and is responsible for the museum archaeological fieldwork in Saqqara. He earned a PhD in Egyptology at the University of Pisa on Third Intermediate Period cultic practices in Thebes and in the last 25 years has worked on archaeological excavations in Italy, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan.