Online Zoom course: Ancient Egypt – The Old Kingdom Part 2 – The apogee of the Pyramid Age

Course Description
This course can be taken standalone or as a follow-up to Part 1.  In these five weeks after reprising the third dynasty we will focus on the early-mid 4th Dynasty with a particular emphasis on an exploration of both well and lesser known aspects of the mortuary landscape of this period.

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A TVAES Five week course delivered over the internet (Zoom), Wednesday 4th November 2020 for 5 weeks

Tutor: John BillmanSeqqara

Weds 2-4pm, from 4th November 2020 for 5 weeks
Weds 2-4pm, from 11th November 2020
Weds 2-4pm, from 18th November 2020
Weds 2-4pm, from 25th November 2020
Weds 2-4pm, from 2nd December 20210

£35 members, £40 visitors


John BillmanJohn Billman is an experienced Egyptology tutor having taught classes for the continuing education department of Oxford University (OUDCE), the WEA and TVAES. John leads tours to Egypt and excavates in Thebes with the South Asasif Conservation Project. John is Chairman of the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society and the South Asasif Conservation Trust.