NYU-Princeton North Abydos Expedition: 2018-2020 Seasons - An online ZOOM lecture

By: Dr. Debbie Vischak
Date: Saturday 20th February - Please note this lecture starts at 4.00 PM
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North AbydosBeginning in 2018, the newly joint NYU-Princeton North Abydos Expedition undertook a major new research initiative at the northern edge of the concession, excavating a cemetery site that was used from the early Old Kingdom (c. 2600 BCE) through the New Kingdom, with significant remains also from the Pre- and Early Dynastic Periods.  The NAE is also continuing work on the preservation of the Shunet el-Zebib, the only standing royal enclosure from the Early Dynastic Period, and has begun new conservation work at the Ramses II portal temple and Kom es-Sultan.  These projects are a crucially important part of the work and will be considered within the long history of building, decay, and restoration over 5000 years at Abydos.

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Dr Deborah VischakDr Deborah Vischak is an assistant professor at Princeton University.  She specializes in ancient Egyptian art history and archaeology, with a secondary focus in the art and archaeology of the ancient Middle East. Drawing on analytical methods from both art-historical and archaeological scholarship, Vischak’s work seeks a unified approach to all material forms, from landscapes to monumental sculpture and architecture, and the innumerable layers between. Her work explores a range of themes, including the importance of spatial context, embodied experiences of landscape and material culture, the communicative role of style, community identities, the social construction of ancient visuality, the significance of difference in material culture, and the agency of the people who produced it. A central goal of Vischak’s work is to communicate more actively with the wider art historical and archaeological communities, in order to encourage a more substantial role for ancient Egyptian visual culture in the scholarly dialogues concerning history and material culture.

Vischak is co-director of the North Abydos Expedition with Dr. Matthew Adams of the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.  Abydos was one of the most important sacred sites in ancient Egypt, home to first royal cemetery in Egypt (c.3000-2650 BCE) and the primary cult place of the god Osiris. The North Abydos Expedition concession, granted by permission from the Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt, holds the remains of material culture built over 4000 years, including vast cemetery fieids dating from the early Old Kingdom (c. 2600 BCE) through the end of the Roman period (c. 300 CE). Currently the Expedition is focusing on the conservation and site management of the Shunet el-Zebib, a massive, mudbrick monument built for the last king of the 2nd Dynasty (c. 2650 BCE), and the excavation of an area that includes an early Old Kingdom cemetery and the remains of an Predynastic brewery at the north edge of the site.