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The Smenkhkare Enigma - An online ZOOM lecture

The Smenkhkare EnigmaBy: Huub Pragt
Date: Saturday 11th September 2.00pm
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For decades, Egyptologists have heatedly debated the identity of the enigmatic figure Smenkhkare. Who was this person who briefly ruled Egypt as pharaoh? Scientists agree on several issues. It is a monarch who reigned at the end of the Amarna period. Smenkhkare had Meritaten, the eldest daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, as Great Royal Wife at his side. Since the discovery of KV 55, the name of Smenkhkare is mentioned as the most probable owner of this tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Remarkably, several objects that have been found there bear the names of protagonists from the Amarna period. But none of these finds, however, are related to Smenkhkare. Even more striking is the finding of a globular calcite vase from KV 62, the tomb of Tutankhamun. It is the only object to bear the full double cartouche of Akhenaten together with the full double cartouche of Smenkhkare. In his lecture, Egyptologist Huub Pragt will share his views on the identity of this mysterious person from Egyptian history.

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Huub Pragt

In 1980 Huub Pragt started studying Egyptology at Leiden University. He did an internship in 1987 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Immediately after his studies, he started working at the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden. For ten years he was engaged in education and public activities.
In January 2001 he founded his own training institute "Huub Pragt Egyptoloog". In the years that followed, he specialized in teaching courses on hieroglyphics. He is often asked to give lectures and he also conducts trips and short excursions in the field of Ancient Egypt. He wrote two novels in Dutch on Ancient Egypt. Many Egypt enthusiasts become even more interested after attending his courses, lectures or trips to Egypt.
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