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Bringing the Past to Life: Photographing the Tombs of Ancient Egypt
A lecture in the Oakwood Centre - NOT ONLINE

NubiaDate: Saturday 4th June 2022 at 2pm  
Oakwood Cebtre In-person only No booking required
By Paolo Scremin

This well-illustrated talk will introduce the audience to the team and the work of the Oxford Expedition to Egypt. It will briefly explain the setup of the Expedition, where we live and work in Egypt, what we are documenting and why. The talk will show how we photograph the monuments, explaining the equipment and techniques we have used and developed over the years, and our solutions to the many problems we encounter

Cost: Free for Members and £4 Visitors.


Paolo Scremin

Paolo Scremin is the Deputy Field Director and Photographer of the Oxford Expedition to Egypt (OEE) and an Academic Visitor of Linacre College, Oxford University. He and Dr Yvonne Harpur, the Expedition’s Field Director, are founder members of OEE and joint authors of the Expedition’s Egypt in Miniature series.

OEE is based at Saqqara, Egypt and consists of a group of professionals who are undertaking a variety of projects that relate to the study of Ancient Egypt during the period generally referred to as the 'Pyramid Age', or 'Old Kingdom' (c. 2650 - 2150 BC). Paolo and Yvonne work voluntarily for the Expedition and raise funds through, grants, self-publishing, talks and day-schools. Since 1995, OEE has been affiliated academically to Linacre College, Oxford University.

Prior to his work with the Oxford Expedition, Paolo worked as a photographer for The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, and later for The Institute of Archaeology in Oxford, where he met Yvonne Harpur.

In 1987 he left the Institute of Archaeology to work as a general freelance and portrait photographer but continued his photographic work with Yvonne and other Egyptologists, preparing photographs and line-drawings for a variety of EES publications. In 2001 Paolo and Yvonne published the Expedition’s first book, The Tombs of Nefermaat and Rahotep at Maidum: Discovery, Destruction and Reconstruction, by Yvonne Harpur, and to date, they have self-published six volumes in the Egypt in Miniature series.