The Princesses’ Burial: New research in the Valley of the Kings - An online ZOOM lecture

By : Professor Susanne Bickel
Date : 10th October 2020 2.00 pm
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valley of the Kings For the last ten years, the University of Basel Kings’ Valley Project has been investigating the side valley below the tomb of Thutmoses III in order to establish the chronology, social structure, and architecture of a number of undecorated rock tombs. The exploration of tomb KV 40 in the Valley of the Kings has revealed a large burial structure used for the burials of numerous individuals, and with a large amount of looted, highly fragmented burial equipment. The analysis of this material showed that the tomb was used for part of the royal family and court society from the time of Amenhotep III. These mainly female burials also rise questions concerning their way of life and their funerals.

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Professo Susanne Bickel, professor of Egyptology at the University of BaselSusanne Bickel is professor of Egyptology at the University of Basel, Switzerland. She studied Egyptology, Coptology and German Literature at the University of Geneva from where she also obtained her doctoral degree. She held positions at Geneva University, the Swiss and the French Archaeological Institutes in Cairo, and the University of Fribourg. Her research interests concentrate on Ancient Egyptian religion and cultural history as well as on archaeology. She has led several projects in Karnak and the Theban necropolis and is since 2009 director of the University .