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Online 5 week Zoom course - Ancient Egypt – Hieroglyphs – False Beginners Part #3

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A TVAES Five week course delivered over the internet (Zoom), from Wednesday 24th February 2021 6:00PM.

Tutor: John Billman


This course is a follow-up to an existing class but new members are very welcome. The class will  complete some exercises from Collier and Manley Chapter 3 before moving on to Chapter 4.  The course will practice and consolidate the funerary offering formula while the major grammatical topic will be the introduction of verbs in Middle Egyptian including the infinitive.  Exercises will be those from Collier & Manley with supplementary material designed to encourage independent reading skills.  It is open to both new and continuing students but new students may wish to discuss their level and needs with the tutor first, the course is unlikely to be suitable for absolute beginners.  The course is open to both UK and non-UK participants.

Dates and time
Wednesday 6-8pm GMT, from 24th February 2021 for 5 weeks with the last session on Wednesday 24th March 2021

Cost £35


John BillmanJohn Billman is an experienced Egyptology tutor having taught classes for the continuing education department of Oxford University (OUDCE), the WEA and TVAES. John leads tours to Egypt and excavates in Thebes with the South Asasif Conservation Project. John is Chairman of the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society and the South Asasif Conservation Trust.