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A newly found tomb of Intef, Great General of the Army, at Lish - An online ZOOM lecture

Tomb of Intef, Great General of the Army, at LishDate: Saturday 27th November at 2pm  
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: Dr. Gregory Mumford (Dept. of Anthropology, UAB) 

The joint MoA and UAB/GlobalXplorer project at Lisht (co-directed by S. Parcak, M. Yousef, and A. Okasha) continued investigating the tomb of a Great Overseer of the Army, Intef in the 2016-17 seasons. This project explored the rock-cut main hall, entryway, eastern mudbrick causeway and an affiliated structure (monumental façade?) fronting the terraced, bedrock plateau edge; we also investigated part of the mudbrick entry complex for a tomb to the immediate south of Intef's causeway.

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Dr. Gregory Mumford (Dept. of Anthropology, UAB) 

I grew up in Kenya (1965-1976) and South Africa (1977-1980), during which I accompanied my parents on frequent trips to archaeological sites, museums, and public lectures in these and adjacent countries. I later pursued studies in archaeology and Egyptology at the University of Toronto, expanding my interests to Egypt's relations with its neighbours.  I direct projects at Tell Tebilla (NE Delta) and Markha Plain (SW Sinai) in Egypt, and work frequently with my spouse, Dr. S. Parcak, on several joint projects, including assisting at el-Lisht, Egypt. I have also participated variously in prehistoric through Roman-Coptic period projects at East Karnak (Luxor), Tomb of Merenptah (Valley of the Kings), Amarna and its vicinity (Middle Egypt), Dakhleh Oasis (Western Desert), Mendes (NE Delta), Tell Kedwa (NW Sinai), and Tell Borg (NW Sinai), and have taught at Wilfrid Laurier University (1995), UCLA (1999-2000), the University of Toronto (1999-2005), and the University of Wales Swansea (2005-2006), and am now based --as an associate professor-- at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (2006/7-present).

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